5 Travel Resolutions to Launch your 2022 Travel!

Five Best Travel Planning Resolutions for 2022

After two years of dreaming about the next journey, 2022 will be the year that relaunches the world back into travel with a vengeance. Now that we are into the New Year, the age-old tradition to set and accomplish personal goals in the form of a resolution is important again. This is the year for travel and planning travel is one of those goals that you will enjoy from start to finish. In preparation for making your travel dreams a reality, here are five ways to not just check off a resolution but launch yourself into your journey with passion and commitment. 

New year travel resolutions for better travel planning

1. Learn a New Skill for Travel Enjoyment – 

Learning a new language means being able to communicate, even at a basic level, it translates to assisting you in the country you will visit and showing respect to the people. Dive into mastering photography. Did you know there are courses for taking photos with a smartphone? Pictures last a lifetime and solidify an experience into a story. Each time you practice your new skill, you will dream about using it on your next adventure.

2. Try Cooking Dishes from Travel Region(s)

No matter where you go, food is part of the local experience. Cooking brings people together and shares customs, culture, and traditions. Familiarizing yourself with the dishes that you can expect to find, will prepare you for visiting and open doors to new experiences. The difference between traveling like a tourist and traveling like a local is where you choose to dine. 

3. Read to Learn about Travel Destinations –

As the saying goes, books are the windows to the world. Beyond broadening your mind, books teach you new things, and stimulate the imagination of what could be. Beyond grabbing a travel book on a location you will be visiting, there are hundreds, maybe thousands of fiction, historical, and even romance novels related to your next travel destination. 

4. Find Inspiration in Others Travel Experiences – 

Social media alone can connect you through hashtags, Pinterest boards, and even travel groups on Facebook. Follow a travel podcaster or blogger who specializes in the country(ies) you will be visiting. Watch foreign films and dive deep into the culture. They may include scenes from places you want to visit. For future Paris-goers, Amelie anyone?

5. Dream Big and Plan a Bucket List Experience

With so much time lost these past couple of years, now is the time to take advantage of planning the trip of a lifetime. The trend for 2022 is longer itineraries and visiting more places with deeper immersion. Many travel companies are following suit and world cruises are selling out in days instead of months. One of our key river suppliers, AmaWaterways has designed a 45 day, 7 river journey in 2023. 

Travel is on its way back. Contact Bucket List Travel Advisors to design your 2022 travel resolutions. We can even get you into one of the last available cabins on the 2023 Seven River journey through Europe!

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