Add Active Travel to your Adventure Travel Bucket List

When your bucket list includes physically experiencing the regions you visit: 

Where to start?


You want to maintain your regiment while your exploring or perhaps you want to try new things. We can provide options from yoga classes and fitness equipment, to personal guidance and active experiences.

You have many choices when Fitness is important to your journey.


Take your explorations to another level. Hiking or biking through regions around the world bring you a different perspective on the locations you are visiting.

We have hiking and biking itineraries and experiences that can include both options so you can explore at your own speed guided or on your own as part of larger experience like cruising or destination specific. Find your own adventure while enjoying some of the top locales around the world.


Seeing the world from the waterways and oceans get you up close and personal with the locations you are visiting.

We can provide amazing itineraries that include some of your favorites like kayaking, snorkeling, jet skiing and even bucket list experiences like diving, that bring you right into the center of the water world.

With Many Options, What is Your Active Experience

If active travel is on your list, BucketLIst Travel Advisors can assist with your adventure travel experience.