Bucket List options for European Adventure Travel & River Cruise

Europe is the historic center of Western art and civilization from the cool British Isles to the warm Mediterranean waters.

Enjoy the best that Europe has to offer in a way you like to travel;

Follow inland waterways that take you through countries to some of Europe’s must see cities. With itineraries available in Portugal, Spain, France and countries along the Danube, Main, Moselle, Rhine in Central Europe, you can explore Europe one river at a time.

Independent Custom Itineraries

Using our luxury suppliers we custom design your perfect European adventure travel itinerary. Every aspect of your visit will be created  as you like it and can include everything required to offer you a seamless experience from start to finish

Small Ship Yacht Cruising

We have small ship yacht itineraries that take you not just to the countries throughout Europe but as close as you can get, with longer days and fully immersive travel experiences