Exotic Adventures

Exotic adventures for cultural immersion with incredible experiences

Here are some of our favorites:

Africa offers so many options for experiencing what this beautiful continent has to offer. Depending on the experience you are looking for, you can get you up close and personal with the “Big Five” animals, immerse with the friendly welcoming people and enjoy the many faces of the African continent.

Land and river safari in Botswana and Tanzania to beach vacations or wine travel within South Africa and everything in between we will guide you on your ultimate bucket list vacation.

French Polynesia

While small in size, French Polynesia includes the regions of Tahiti, the Society Islands, Cook Islands, Marquesas Islands and Fiji. The best way to truly enjoy the many experiences within this untouched tropical oasis is by cruise ship.

We specialize in French Polynesia and together with our specialist luxury travel partners will take you on a romantic getaway by land or see that you will never forget. Perfect for celebratory travel or to rekindle romance with intimate beaches, ocean playgrounds and beautiful landscapes with as much adventure or relaxing as you desire.

Exploring Southeast Asia is unlike anything you have experienced when you arrive from the rivers that connect country to country and take you through the ancient architecture, the modern cities and within the lives of the friendly and accommodating people of the region. 

We can immerse you in an intimate luxury experience to get to know the cultures, experience the beauty and offer an amazing journey along the Mekong with plenty of  time to visit the not to be missed sites.

Expedition Journeys

Site Blue-Footed Boobie's in the Galapagos Islands

Expedition cruising truly is a bucket list experience. Journeying into lesser traveled regions on small ships designed specifically to travel the rough terrain of the area.

Together we plan every aspect so your focus is directed to your experience and not to the details. Don’t miss out on a once in a lifetime experience for adventure and amazement within some of the most remote regions of the world.