Porto and the Douro Valley of Portugal

Embark on a journey through the history and culture of northern Portugal as you cruise along the Douro river, a breathtaking waterway that winds through some of the most interesting towns and regions.

Experience the charm of Porto, where the city’s rich cultural heritage meets the vibrant energy of modern Portuguese life. While here you can savor the delectable flavors of local cuisine as you dine along the Douro River and taste the world-famous Port wine in Villa Nova de Gaia.

Your river journey takes you deep into the heart of the Douro Valley, where you’ll be surrounded by stunning vineyards. Explore the local Quintas (farms), walk the terraced vineyards, and find yourself in awe of the region’s spectacular gardens.

With daily tours and ample free time, there’s plenty of opportunity to delve into the fascinating vertical plantings and lush landscape.

This is a journey that immerses you fully into the culture and tradition of northern Portugals wine region, offering you the opportunity to discover a truly unforgettable experience.

Sample activities included with a cruise:

  • Port tasting in the wine town of Pinhão
  • Visit the UNESCO World Heritage Douro Valley
  • Explore Portuguese Palaces and Gardens
  • Hike hundreds of stairs along a Holy Staircase to an 18th Century Chapel.
  • Sample the local cuisine and Port wines of the region at local family owned Quintas.
  • Venture through the city of Porto.
  • Cruise along the Douro river at night passing the historic bridges that have made the city iconic.

A river cruise in the Iberian peninsula can start with a few nights in the historic and vibrant city of Lisbon before heading to beautiful Porto to embark on your 7 night cruise.

Finish your experience in the cosmopolitan Spanish city of Madrid with its elegant streets and iconic parks where you can indulge in the architecture and art of the hub of Southern Europe.

Available from early spring through fall, enjoy the best of Portugal and Spain with an immersive and yet relaxing experience.

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