Biking the Rivers of Europe!

Traveling the rivers of Europe is an immersive journey through a country or country(s). Rivers hold stories and experiences that you won’t forget.

As major trade routes dating back thousands of years ago, European rivers are key to many traditions and even some legends. As towns throughout Germany were built up during the Holy Roman Empire, historic capitals grew to power. Over time, some fell while others were redesigned into modern towns and cities surrounding the old that you will find today. 

The bottom line is that all of them are worth exploring to discover the art, architecture, and personality of each of these river regions. 

Did you know that if you want an opportunity to delve deeper into these areas, one way you can do it is on two wheels!


Biking through Dürnstein in the Wachau Valley

Many of the European rivers contain scenic cycling trails that will lead you past the landscapes of vineyards, pastures, hills, and sites that lie along its banks. 

Taking your vacation to an active level will allow you to pedal through locations that might otherwise be missed. 

Your cycle experience opens up a whole range of encounters:

Do as the Dutch do and ride along the canals of the Netherlands and Belgium. 

Pedaling through the Rhine Cycle Route which runs from the Swiss Alps to Germany’s sea, your cycle journey will venture along 40 miles of the Rhine river. Roll past the charming villages and regal castles and fortresses of Germany’s upper-middle valley.

Bike past miles of vineyards and medieval towns and through the beautiful scenery of one of Germany’s most beautiful rivers the Moselle on a Velo tour. Pass the Roman architecture of Trier and connect with the Rhine in Koblenz over a few day’s journey. 

On-bike, you can cruise the Danube River, passing through the UNESCO Wachau Valley from the towns of Dürnstein to Melk in Austria. Head up to the Dürnstein castle, and pass through the small villages of the Wachau wine region before reaching Melk Abbey.

You can even cycle through some of Europe’s most prestigious cities, Budapest, the heart of Europe, the imperial city of Vienna, or Paris, the city of love.

On a journey through Giverny in the French countryside, enjoy the picturesque greenery that inspired Monet. Ride through the vineyards of Bordeaux, Burgundy, or Provence, stopping for vineyard tours and a refreshing glass of wine along the way. 

Your vacation can be an active adventure that meets all of the locations you wanted on your European vacation. 

Aboard a river cruise, complimentary bicycles are part of your offboard experience. Take a guided bike excursion or enjoy a ride on your own. 

Between rides, settle into a luxury stateroom aboard your floating hotel, traveling from  from location to location and enjoying regional cuisine and local wines. 

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