How to view African wildlife from the River

Viewing African wildlife along the river

Africa is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream. An entire continent of open space filled with five ecosystems each offering a unique aspect to the landscape. Deserts, mountains, savannas, rainforests, and coastline. One of the few places on earth where despite being the second most populated continent still contains many locations that look just as they did hundreds or maybe even thousands of years ago. 

Visiting Africa for its amazing scenery, landscapes, and its most endearing feature its biodiversity. Containing the most flora and fauna still in existence Africa is one of the most desired locations for travelers looking to step into a world completely different than their own. 

Excited passengers whisked off in 4 x 4 vehicles on protected wildlife safaris led by a local guide to search for the Big 5 (Cape buffalo, elephant, lion, leopard, and rhinoceros) among others. But there is another experience, one less considered and yet an off the beaten path opportunity to see wildlife in a natural and sustainable way. 

The one source that all animals need for existence is water. This is why the rivers are very important to the existence of Africa’s wildlife. 

Africa has dry and wet seasons that occur annually interacting with animal behaviors. These are the key components driving them to and from the rivers, their main source of water. 

On average Africa’s wettest season is from April to early June and it is not uncommon to see some rain from October – December.

However,  the dry period when animals begin migration to and along the rivers for sustainability is June through September. 

As the wildlife does, traveling along the rivers will offer explorers a unique experience for up-close sightings in their natural habitats. View them in real-time as they play, socialize, feed, bathe and rest. 

Traveling into the Chobe National Park in Botswana brings you directly to the source. During the dry season, wildlife gathers from hundreds of miles to the only water available during Africa’s winter months.

While traveling in your small group you will have unobstructed views. Herds of elephants, giraffes, hooved animals, and hundreds of birds can be spotted as they visit the area for the season. 

But it’s not just the wildlife experience that will surprise and awe you. The scenery along the river offers many opportunities for unexpected views of the African landscape.

The biggest surprise will be the changing colors of the breathtaking sunsets that you will see while relaxing on your cabin balcony.

The best part of an African river cruise is you won’t miss out on the land safaris. Time is spent exploring the Chobe National Park among other areas within Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Rwanda. 

Between land and river, you will visit must-see locations like Victoria Falls all while enjoying luxury five-star accommodations.

An African river cruise will offer opportunities for immersing in the local culture, exploring the sites, and having the bucket list adventures that most interest you. 

For more information on African river cruising, contact Sandee and let the adventure begin…….

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