Linz & Salzburg

Linz & Salzburg

March 26, 2019

Departed the ship at arrival into Linz, jumped on the bus to the central train station to grab a 1 hour train to Salzburg.

Arriving into Salzburg’s main station we picked up our Salzburg Cards and hopped on a local bus to the historic centre of Salzburg. Our first visit was to the Hohensalzburg fortress and took the funicular to the top. A medieval fortress overlooking the Salzburg region with beautiful views. Hint; if you arrive before 11am, you get extra access to parts of the fortress that they charge extra for later in the day.

Next stop was the Salzburg Cathedral within the city centre with its amazing frescos, ornamental designs, beautiful alters and Duomo. Just outside of the Cathedral are some local vendors selling the largest Bretzels (pretzel in Austria) that you have ever seen. Walking the city centre you are surrounded by shops and restaurants with plenty of options to enjoy.

Mozart was born in Salzburg and is well represented here with his birth house, personal home and statue in the Residentzplatz. A fan of Mozart’s music or not, we enjoyed walking the apartment and learning about his youth and his genius which made him the most popular composer of his time in Austria.

The Sound of Music was filmed in Salzburg and sites are numerous. The majority of the sites are outside the historic centre, the Mirabell Gardens is easily accessible from the city centre, but if a Sound of Music fan, a themed tour is suggested.

Some additional sites not to miss are the bridges that separate the old city centre from the new. Many of the bridges are covered with locks and each offer a beautiful view down the river separating the city.

We walked back to the train station and arrived back to Linz in time to walk the small city and stop at Konditorei Jindrak for some of the official Linzer Torte (Hazelnut pastry covered in Almonds) Linz has some beautiful old churches, streets and buildings to explore for a nice stroll around. I would not say there is enough to see in Linz to not do a tour or head out of the city area.

Final thoughts. Salzburg was the highlight for us. We enjoyed everything we saw and felt as if we just scratched the surface on what was available to see/do. We highly recommend not doing the included tour with the cruise line as you will be spending a good majority of your day on buses back and forth. It was easy to navigate our way to the train station and back and that gave us plenty of time to see Salzburg. Additionally, Salzburg is a popular tourist area, and sites will have lines so you need to account for additional time. The Salzburg card was a great choice and we saw everything we wanted to see for 1 price (discounted).