Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris

Its a Small World - Disneyland Paris

Lets preface by saying that Disneyland Paris, is Disneylite to anyone who is a huge Disney park fan that spends or has spent time in the U.S. locations. The best way to share is listing the pluses and minuses of our experience;

Pluses: It is a direct train ride to Disney from the central Paris area which is outside of the main Paris region. The price of admission for 2 parks is very reasonable compared to cost of visiting Disneyland or Disney World. Due to the difference in safety laws in France, the thrill rides were a thrill above similar rides at home. Space Mountain and Thunder Mountain included an upside down loop. We loved the Haunted Manor and the Pirates of the Caribbean versions at this park. Hearing “A Small World” in French was fun and a little less annoying (don’t have the song stuck in your head the rest of the day). We also enjoyed the Ratatouille ride, which we hear will soon be an Epcot staple and the Indiana Jones Mine train was a fun spin from the CA version.

Minuses: Not enough to do or see over multiple days. We were able to complete both the Studios and Disneyland in 1 day with half a day in each park. The food was not good, not even average and very expensive for small portions, plus the options were minimal. Theme parks are usually filled with fun themed foods, snacks and treats, these options were not as expected. Menu’s included badly executed representations of foods from regions outside of France, typical theme park popcorn and of course, glacee, which can be found anywhere in France. To our surprise, the guest service was atrocious, not your usual Disney cast members, enough said. The biggest take away for us was the lack of upkeep of the parks. Most of the rides needed to be painted, had broken props, there was trash everywhere. We did not have that magical feeling as we explored and the bathrooms well….

Final thoughts, we are glad that we visited, since it was a bucket list item, so we did not wonder if we missed out on an opportunity. We had fun, but as big Disney fans who spend time annually at Disney parks and grew up visiting them, the differences were very noticeable. It was a treat to see characters like Aurora and Belle, speaking in their native French.