Costa Verde to Los Suenos

Costa Verde to Los Suenos

Marriott Los Suenos Resort & Spa Nicoya, Peninsula, Costa Rica
December 30, 2019

Just after breakfast at the hotel, our driver Johnathon arrived at 10am to transfer us to Los Suenos Resort on the central coast of the mainland of Costa Rica. This was our last destination on our Costa Rican adventure and meant for a little fun with lots of rest and relaxation.

The hour and half drive was very easy and relaxing which made us think that had we to do this again, we would have stayed at the beach and arranged a day tour to Manuel Antonio to see the National Park. With the onboard WiFi we were even able to catch up on some work without interfering with our vacation time.

We arrived at the Marriott Los Suenos Resort around 12:30pm after a quick stop at an off the grid souvenir shop to stock up on Costa Rican coffee, gifts and the local hot sauce we grew fond of called, Lisano. The resort is beautiful and part of a larger resort community appropriately called Los Suenos. Featuring a Marina, Beach Club and Golf course in a master planned community ranging from Condos to large palatial homes that are privately owned and available for rentals.

After checking into our rooms we headed out to the beach to relax, sun and lunch before our 4:30pm pick up for the highlight of our vacation and something we have been wanting to check off our bucket lists, a Bio-luminescent paddle.

Kayak Jaco’s owner, Neil, sent a driver to pick us up from the hotel and drive us to his facility for our 5:15pm outrigger paddle. Although not a scheduled private tour, we ended up with a private sunset tour with 2 guides. The weather at first was not cooperating as it was pouring as we launched off the beach and paddled south along the coast to a private beach. After arriving at the beach as the sun was setting and we were pampered with snacks and Sangria as our guides built a fire and we swam in the warm and beautiful Nicoya Bay. The fire was a tough task since passing rain clouds kept sweeping by, but it did not stop us from enjoying some s’mores before getting back into our outrigger to paddle back to the launch beach in the dark.

As we left the private beach the rain stopped and what happened next was beyond what any of us could have imagined. The ocean began to glow, our paddles as they smoothly soared through the water began to emit light as if there was an energy in the water. I wish that we had pictures or video to show the amazing rare beauty of nature that we were experiencing. We tried but our iPhones were not equipped with advanced enough technology to recognize what our eyes were seeing. The plankton in the ocean experiences a chemical reaction that can be only seen when it is very dark and with all the cloud cover in the area, that it was. It was only something in our minds that could only happen at a Disney theme park and yet there it was. Truly remarkable and still not convinced Kayak Jaco didn’t spike our Sangria with hallucinogenics. j/k

Still in awe, our driver returned us to the Marriott where we grabbed a bite to eat and then off to our rooms for a good nights sleep. After all, tomorrow was New Years Eve which means a long day with fun in the sun and relaxation.