Ten Reasons to Visit Germany by River Cruise

Central wetlands, green hilly countrysides, lakes, forests, and mountains, are part of the topographical diversity you encounter while on your German vacation.

Cruising through Germany is like traveling through a storybook. 

Engage within the picturesque towns, bask in the stunning landscape, take in the breathtaking scenery and the endless views of vineyard-covered hillsides.

If that is not enough to lure you to visit, here are 10 more reasons a river cruise through Germany should be on your bucket list. 

  1. Beer -a central part of German culture has very specific requirements to qualify as “German Bier”.

Options are plentiful to enjoy the top-fermented wheat beers, Weizen from the Bavarian region. Pale beers like the popular Kolsch from Cologne, Pilsner from Plzen, or a dark Bock from Northern Germany.

2. Bicycling – Bicycle friendly, some of the best bike routes can be found along Germany’s winding rivers. 

Cycle through historic Altstadt’s (old) towns and bustling city centers.  

Pedal by grand castles and enjoy the beauty of the scenic countryside and terraced vineyards while on two wheels.

3. Castles – Perched high above the rivers you will find some of the most impressive Schloss and Burg . 

Richly decorated palaces (Schloss) were designed and built as formal residences during the Great Age of Castles in the 9th and 10th centuries.

4. Dom – Not to be outdone by the impressive castles you can find some of the most stunning workmanship in the cathedrals and churches throughout Germany.

Some not to be missed locations include the Grand Cathedral of Cologne, the Freiburg’s Münster in Breisach, and the Romanesque basilica, Worms Cathedral in Heidelberg. 

5. Gardens – must-see sites in Germany are the horticulture  

For example, Schwetzingen palace features a Baroque garden known for its geometric designs that fuse French and English styles.  Its monumental sculptures make it arguably, one of the most beautiful gardens in Germany.

6. Gastronomy – Your ticket to immersion in Germany is through sampling the local cuisine. 

Try the potato pancakes, locally known as reibekuchen in Cologne.

Koblenz is the birthplace of flammkuchen cake, which can be compared to pizza with a thin crust topped with crème Fraiche.

Enjoy pork dishes served throughout the Mosel region with mashed potatoes and cabbage. 

Don’t miss bratwurst, the classic dish of Bernkastel. 

7. Hiking – is a favorite pastime of the locals, and it is no wonder why with many options for hiking trails and endless scenery. 

From the Alps to the Black Forest, hike around castles, looking over the charming towns and cities, or venture through acres of local vineyards. 

8. Historic cities – explore fabulous cities along the rivers known for old towns and UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Find inspiration in Cologne, sample the charms of medieval Cochem and Bernkastel, explore the Roman city of Trier or immerse into the oldest city in Germany, Koblenz. 

9. Scenic cruising – Imagine the feelings that unfold as you gaze upon the sites of stunning landscapes and hills along the Rhine and Mosel rivers. 

Soak up the views of endless vineyards and rock formations adorned with charming villages, endless castles, and fortresses, as you meander by.

10. Vineyards – visit the most famous region in Germany for wine as you travel  the Mosel river. 

With some of the steepest vineyards in the world and a wine trail that spans both sides of the river, you won’t just enjoy wine tours and tastings, you will experience a full immersion into this region. 

These are our top reasons to cruise along the breathtaking rivers of Germany. 

A one-of-a-kind experience, river cruising will not only take you to some timeless places but guide you through them with ease and comfort on your floating boutique hotel.

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