Why 2022 is the year to visit Amsterdam


Travel planning tips for the Netherlands

Amsterdam, flower capital of Europe blooms beyond the spring in 2022

Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands is the gateway to the Rhine river and the local regions within Holland and Belgium. It is a fabulous city that encompasses a complex system of canals, gabled homes, and a variety of museums that exposes the art and history of North Holland. 

So why would you need another reason to visit this year over any other? 

2022, is when the next decennial event, The Floriade will happen in the world’s flower capital city, Amsterdam. The horticultural event occurs only once every ten years and originally was scheduled to begin in April 2020 but we all know how that story went. To continue the tradition, the Netherlands’ largest gardening show was rescheduled for April 14 to October 29, 2022. 

As part of the International Horticultural Expo, more than175 countries were  invited to the town of Almere just outside of the main city of Amsterdam. Here they will come together on 150 acres for the single goal of developing a green future of living. 

The highlight of the Floriade is an exhibition centered around the eco-friendly, global theme, growing green cities. Three hundred eco-friendly homes were designed specifically for this event and will make up a green neighborhood. With the creation of this green neighborhood, Amsterdam is one step closer toward its goal of sustainable living and a better future for Amsterdam. 

Maintaining Amsterdam’s relationship to flowers and gardening, the expo will feature plants, shrubs, trees, and perennials each chosen specifically for their commitment to biodiversity, clean climate control, the sustainable management of food growth, and air purification. 

This one-of-a-kind event is immersive and encourages guests to learn more about sustainability. Through exhibits in gardening, seminars, entertainment, and food all being provided by trailblazers in the horticulture community. 

Since Floriade begins on the heels of the annual Tulip Festival in Amsterdam which occurs annually from late March to mid-May. Guests will have the opportunity to also visit the blooming, colorful gardens. Visiting, the well-known flower park, Keukenhof Gardens, the largest garden in Amsterdam, provides an opportunity for exploring the consistently blooming fields. One of the top reasons many visit Amsterdam in the spring. 

For a full travel experience, embark on a seven-day river cruise to some of the greatest cities in Belgium, visiting Ghent, Antwerp, and Brussels. While you are there, sample some of the mouth-watering housemade chocolates, fresh Belgian waffles, or fries, then enjoy one of the many local brews that the region is best known for.

Passing windmills and finely manicured gardens through Holland with stops in Rotterdam and Dordrecht, explore some of the small historic towns whose existence dates back thousands of years.

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