River Cruising is Friendly Travel

Enjoying Time with Others is part of the River Experience

A river cruise is an intimate experience averaging between 150 – 250 guests, providing a floating luxury hotel that transports you down historic rivers starting and ending in key cities. Along the way, enjoy scenic travel through countries offering opportunities for exploring multiple regions while unpacking only once. Each day of your journey brings you to a new and memorable destination offering you both opportunity and time to immerse yourself in the city, town, or village you are currently visiting.

With the small but comfortable size of a river cruise ship plus the excitement of the experience, river cruising brings a sense of togetherness to its passengers. This offers the opportunity to create new friendships with other like-minded passengers who share some of the same interests as you. While making new lifelong friends is not guaranteed, another option is to bring the fun with you. 

Family Reunions – With the flexibility and safety that river cruising offers, it is perfect for multi-generational travel. Bringing the family along provides new, unique experiences in historical and culturally rich regions. Traveling together strengthens familial bonds and forges unforgettable memories for all age groups. If you have an ancestral history in a specific region this could bring another layer to a family itinerary. Did you know one of the best family river experiences is the Christmas Markets?

Friends Groups – These are people you know you enjoy spending time with so did you ever consider that you may also enjoy traveling together?  River cruising offers the flexibility of planning your own daily itineraries based on your interests with shared time for meals and downtime while traveling the river. 

Hobby Groups – the fantastic thing about river cruising is there is always something for everyone. If you belong to a garden club, a wine or food group, a religious or heritage club, or a golf group, there are many options to enjoy these experiences as part of your travel itinerary. River cruise itineraries have specific ports, but the day-to-day activities offer flexibility to design your days.

Traveling together can range from another couple to multiple cabins and may also provide additional benefits with a minimum number of staterooms. Your itinerary can be enhanced with activities that everyone would enjoy and allows you the flexibility to pick and choose from a menu of options that cater to individual interests. Being almost all-inclusive, the biggest choice you will have is how you will enjoy your day. 

BucketList Travel Advisors is a river cruise specialist. Sandee has arranged groups from 4 people to families of 25 or more. Guests who are looking for a  personalized travel experience to fit their specific needs are an easy fit with a river cruising experience. The hardest decision will be where will you go? Download our Comparison Guide to learn about the opportunities available on the rivers of Europe.