Travel Planning tips for Romance in Madrid!

The largest city in Spain, Madrid, is the central capital that was given the title Cornada (crowned) by King Charles I and named the imperial city of Spain. 

The vibrant and modern central capital hosts truly the best of Spanish culture: art, theatre, fashion, fare, to name a few.

Travel planning tips for Madrid, Spain

Find Romance in the heart of the city of Madrid

Considered a major financial center of the world, Madrid has preserved the historic appearance of its beautiful buildings. Madrid’s “Golden Triangle of Art” and “Golden Mile” of fashion, unites the city’s bohemian style of art and entertainment. 

Did you know that Madrid is one of Spain’s most romantic cities?

Take your “amor” through its historic squares, parks, museums, and royal palaces that are captivating. Here are five opportunities for couples to find romance in Madrid:

Explore the Palaces

Boasting many palaces within and just outside the city, each offers its own story and unique architecture. Here are some of the ones  you won’t want to miss:

  • Palacio Real de Madrid – Used primarily for ceremonial purposes, this has been the official residence of the Spanish royal family for hundreds of years. 

  • Royal Palace of Aranjuez – Walk the halls and gardens of this medieval gem on the left bank of the Targus River. 

  • Palace of San Lorenzo de El Escorial – a Spanish Renaissance royal site located 28 miles outside of Madrid that is multi-purposeful. Previously used as a basilica, monastery, hospital, university, today can be viewed as a historical museum. 

Visit the Parks – 

  • Casa de Campo – Madrid’s largest park is made up of 10 sq. miles of green space looking over a lake, making it the perfect location for an intimate picnic. A cable car connects to the park offering a romantic and intimate view of the city as you travel to and from.

  • El Retiro Park – in central Madrid features a waterfront park that is popular with the locals for its immense beauty. Boasting 345 acres of green space, the highlights are the walkway of statues of Spanish royalty and the lake with paddle-boats perfect for a romantic ride for two. It is also home to the Palacio de Cristal, An iron and crystal-designed palace built-in 1887, a peaceful location surrounded by flowers that features a horticulture museum. 

View the Art

If art is your passion, the famed Paseo del Prado, offers three museums with the finest collection of European and Spanish art from the early Renaissance to the 20th century including famed local painters, Goya, Valazquez, and El Greco. 

Walk the Avenues

The elegant streets guide you through this breathtaking city. Stop in Plaza Mayor, once the center of Old Madrid, before venturing into the luxury retail and vintage fashion shops found along the Gran Via. Finish your exploration by roaming the neighborhoods of the city for a complete Madridlean experience. Romantically enjoy what brings together the bohemian styles of Madrid’s cosmopolitan city.

Embrace the Nightlife

Late at night is when the city comes alive with a lifestyle that is legendary. Tapas bars, clubs, jazz halls, live music venues, and flamenco are some of Madrid’s most exhilarating nighttime activities. Flamenco, the folk artistry of dance has been declared a “Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity” by UNESCO World Heritage. 

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