Savor the flavors of Germany's wine regions

Visit Germany for cultural encounters or immersion into history spanning from the Holy Roman Empire to World War II. A cornucopia of culinary experiences and beautiful storybook scenery are all solid reasons to explore the “country of poets and thinkers”. 

Included in the many options Germany can offer is the opportunity to immerse yourself in the wine regions that lie among the fairytale castles and stunning landscapes of southern Germany. Made up of 13 regions of some of the coolest climate vineyards in the world, these wineries revolve around hearty, white Rieslings and red Spatburgunder (Pinot Noir) grapes. 

Bernkastel, Germany

The majority of these wine regions can be found along the Rhine, the Mosel and the Main. 


Due to the northern flow of the river, the majority of the vineyards can be found along the southern exposure on the right bank in the Rheingau region. This most famous stretch of the Rhine River, has a reputation for it’s Riesling, which can be found around the main town, Rüdesheim. Pay a visit to the Schloss Johannisberg estate, the oldest winery in Germany for a tour and sampling of their famed growths.

Mosel – 

This Rhine River, tributary meanders among some of Germany’s most famous vines and flows northeast from Trier to Koblenz. One of the most famous regions in Germany for wine, the Mosel produces the majority of the growth in Germany. Also, the most northern wine region in the world, the Mosel is famous for its Riesling and Müller-Thurgau grapes that are grown on south-facing, very steep inclined vineyards in blue-slate bedrock soil, the secret to the region’s famed wines. 

Key towns to visit along the Mosel for wine include Germany’s oldest city, Trier. Make a stop in Cochem, the storybook town filled with half-timbered houses and hilltop castle. And before leaving marvel through Bernkastel’s dozen or so wine bars to enjoy a glass of local Riesling from the Bernkasteler Doctor vineyards, considered some of the best wines in the world. 

Main – 

Found within the Franken wine region, the Main River Valley is rich with local growth compared to the more well-known Rhine or Mosel regions, however, they are noted for the white Silvaner and Weissburgunder (Pinot Blanc) grapes in addition to Riesling. A popular reason for visiting this wine region is the short, round, green, or brown signature “Bocksbeutel” bottles that hold the wines of this region.  

The best time of year for traveling the vineyards of Germany is between late spring and late fall. Visiting after the harvest means you can visit hundreds of wine festivals and local events celebrating both the wines and local regions.

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