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Wine travel is an immersive lifestyle experience that will awaken your vacation palate.

Wine has been an agricultural wonder that pervades the globe. More than 50% of the world’s vineyards are situated within Europe, where it has existed for thousands of years, earning the name “Old World”.

Vinitourism opens up new avenues to discover regions, admire the sights, and acquaint yourself with cultures and customs that have influenced the creation of famous wine regions. Our tours provide exclusive excursions through impressive metropolises, charming towns, and historical hamlets that bring you up close with the locales you wish to explore.

Experience the local vineyards, by enjoying bespoke private tours, participate in tastings, and engage with the regional wineries in a fun and pleasant vacation adventure. This is undoubtedly the finest approach to enjoy local traditions in world-renowned wine regions without worrying about the logistics and missing important sights.

Embark on a journey of the senses with our inspiring wine vacations through some of the most unforgettable appellations of Europe.

We’ve curated each itinerary with the intent of providing you with an experience that is not only fun and enjoyable but also unforgettable.

Every step of your Wine Tour offers you the opportunity to expand and cultivate your own experience as you immerse yourself in the local wines. These routes are designed to take you on an exciting journey filled with rich new experiences and unforgettable memories.

For the discerning luxury traveler, our custom wine journeys offer an unparalleled level of exclusivity and refinement.

Let’s raise a glass to the adventure of a lifetime!

  • Country-club casual experiences with finely appointed accommodations and amenities
  • Wine pairing meals and local dining encounters
  • Discover the Red, White, Rose, and Sparkling Wines throughout the regions that you are already traveling
  • Inclusive amenities and services to fulfill your travel needs
  • Multiple guided and on your own excursion options at the sites you want to visit including bicycle and hiking tours 
  • Special programs including guest lectures, local demonstrations, and local music performances
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France is truly a wonderland for wine lovers! From the famous Bordeaux wine region to the lesser-known Rhone region, there is something for everyone to explore.

From basic to high-end red blends and lesser-known but equally delicious rose’ wines, France truly has it all.

Visiting Bordeaux, familiarize yourself with the dominant basic to high-end red Cabernet Sauvignon of the left bank of the Garonne and Merlot-based blends of the right bank of the Dordogne rivers. Sample the lesser-known crisp and acidic white wines blended from Sauvignon Blanc and the Semillion or sweet wines of the Sauternes region of the left bank and cote’ du mer.

The French ‘Bourgogne’, once the home to the famed dukes and duchesses of France. Burgundy today is another stunning location to explore the Chardonnays of flinty Chablis and earthy Côte de Beaune. Sample the complex Pinot Noirs of the Côte de Nuits or try the lighter wines of the Côte Chalonnaise and Mâconnais.

The Rhone region in Provence offers world-renowned reds, fresh whites, and timeless Provencal rosé for warm summer nights. Local wine tours allow for picturesque views, delicious cuisine, and historic cities dating back to Gaelic and Roman periods to create an unforgettable trip

Not only can you explore the wine regions, but these areas of France are also rich in historic UNESCO World Heritage sites, cathedrals, castles, and gardens.

Your visit to France will give you a deep insight into one of the oldest and largest wine industries in the world. Allowing you to pair your wines with local cuisine while experiencing the splendor of historic cities.

There’s never been a better time to savor all the wonders of France!


Discover the legacy of Italian winemaking that has endured for over 3000 years.

You can take pleasure in exploring the many opportunities to indulge in excellent reds and easy to drink whites that are unforgettable. Immerse yourself in the diverse landscapes of Italy, from the Northern Alps to the Southern flatland, and the beautiful islands of Sicily and Sardinia.

Each region has unique and cherished wine-making encounters that are worth exploring.

Journey through the high-quality eastern Veneto region and discover its world-renowned blended red wines from Corvina and Corvinone grapes and white wines from the Garganega and Glera grapes that boast exceptional quality and taste. While here, visit the captivating cities of Venice and Verona, and bask in the beauty of the region’s romantic surroundings.

Explore Tuscany, in central Italy, and its most famous wine appellation the Chianti region. The famous reds here are based on the Sangiovese grape and its many varieties. Take pleasure in the charming, quaint towns of Florence, Pisa, and Siena, and see remarkable medieval sites that have preserved history and charm.

Surrender to Sicily’s splendor, the second-largest wine-producing region in Italy, known for its Nero d’Avola wine and the world-famous fortified export, Marsala. Take delight in the wine appellations that border one of Europe’s most active volcanoes, Mt. Etna, and explore the cobble-stoned streets of Taormina and Palermo, which have existed since Greek times.

Experience the best of both worlds with rich culture and delicious culinary experiences, complemented by world-renowned wine that will leave an indelible mark on your heart.

As you can see, visiting Italy provides endless opportunities to create lasting memories.


Do you yearn to explore breathtaking vineyards and savor exceptional under appreciated wines?

Then, get ready to embark on a journey of a lifetime and discover the wonders of Spain’s wine country.

Spain boasts of the largest acreage of vines in the world and ranks as the third-largest exporter of wine. With its diverse landscape, you’ll have endless opportunities to enjoy Spain’s extraordinary viniculture.

Picture yourself visiting the Northeast autonomous community of Catalonia, where you’ll find the largest producer of high-quality wines in Northern Catalonia. The region of Priorat, famed for its key grape Garnacha, is one of only two Spanish regions granted top wine status. But that’s just the beginning! Further South near the historic city Barcelona, you’ll discover the magic of the traditional method sparkling wines of cava.

If that isn’t exciting enough for senses, journey towards the northern central region of Rioja. The other top status region in Spain is famous for producing award-winning Tempranillo. Expanding into the autonomous Basque country, you’ll find cities like Bilbao and San Sebastian which is popularly known as a city of gastronomic delights and Atlantic Ocean views.

Of course, no wine adventure can be complete without heading towards the southwestern region of Andalusia. In addition to fantastic historic landmarks, palaces, and mosques, the region features the Sherry-producing Jerez, known for its fortified wines that are grown among some of the top seaports along the Costa del Sol.

Starting from the historically beautiful city of Madrid, Spain can be an adventurous experience that every travel enthusiast and wine lover should have on their bucket list. Whether you’re seeking outdoor activities or a city break, visiting Spain’s wine country has something for everyone.

So why wait? Plan your trip today, and indulge in an unforgettable wine experience.


Embark on a journey to discover the incredible beauty and rich heritage of Portugal. Your adventure begins in the charming and vibrant city of Lisbon, where ornate architecture and historic landmarks await you. Take a stroll through the winding streets and immerse yourself in the authentic local culture. Sample the fresh and crisp white wines of the regions surrounding Lisbon.

Continue your journey to the northern coast of Portugal, where you will discover the breathtaking city of Porto – a city of bridges and the gateway to the historic port wine route. Explore the UNESCO World Heritage site of the Douro Valley, one of the oldest wine regions in the world. Here, you will marvel at the hilly terraced vineyards that produce the famous Portuguese fortified Port wines.

But beyond the Port wine route, there are even more treasures to be discovered – from the exquisite Vinho Verde “Green” wines of the north to the full-bodied red wines of the mountainous Dão region.

Throughout your journey, you will have the chance to explore historic cathedrals and farms, stroll through magnificent gardens, and even walk the vineyards of family-owned quintas.

Lets discover Portugals vibrant culture, exquisite cuisine, and awe-inspiring landscapes.


Germany is an awe-inspiring country with breathtaking landscapes and rich cultural heritage.

The vineyards along the riverbanks in the southern and western regions are some of the coldest in the world. These vineyards produce some of the most prominent and excellent wines of the slated soils of Germany.

The Mosel River, home to the country’s oldest wine region, considered by many to be the most beautiful river in Germany, flows through Southern Germany. This region is a delight to explore, with terraced vineyards of Riesling wines and breathtaking views of the valley.

The Rheingau and its growth of Riesling and Pinot Noir (Spatburgunder) wines are also worth exploring. As a UNESCO World Heritage Region, the Rhine Gorge offers not only spectacular vineyards but also medieval castles worth visiting.

Embark on the wine routes by foot or by bike, that run along the rivers and discover the hidden gems of Germany. The natural beauty of forests and valleys adds to the charm of the romantic towns, villages and history of Roman monuments.

Take the plunge and immerse yourself in the beauty, culture and wine of Germany.

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