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Wine travel is an immersive lifestyle experience that will awaken your vacation palate.

Wine is an agricultural phenomenon that transcends the world. Over 50% of global vineyards are found within Europe and  historically has existed here for thousands of years which is why it is referred to as the “Old World”.

River cruising offers new opportunities to explore these regions’, see the sights and familiarize yourself with cultures and customs that have influenced the creation of celebrated wine regions.

Travel on inland waterways that transport you through the area. With exclusive excursions through impressive cities, quaint towns and historic villages that bring you up close with the destinations you want to visit. Explore local vineyards, enjoy exclusive private tours, participating in tastings and interact with the local wineries in a fun and enjoyable vacation experience. There is no better way to enjoy local traditions in world renowned wine regions without worrying about how you will get there or missing anything. 


We have compiled five inspiring wine vacations along some of the unforgettable rivers of Europe. Each itinerary offers the opportunity for you to enjoy these renowned wine destinations the most fun and enjoyable way.

Every itinerary offers you the opportunity to cultivate your own travel experience as you immerse into and familiarize with the wines of the most important wine regions in Europe. Every itinerary travels a different river and will take you on a new and exciting journey into some amazing destinations. However all include benefits that even the most discerning luxury traveler wants:

  • Country-club casual experience with finely appointed accommodations and amenities
  • Fine dining experiences for all meals onboard including multi-course dining
  • Red and White Wines and Champagne from Europe’s wine regions that you are traveling
  • Inclusive amenities and services to fulfill your travel needs
  • Multiple guided and on your own excursion options at the sites you want to visit including bicycle and hiking tours with complementary bicycles to also explore on your own
  • Special onboard programs including guest lectures, local demonstrations and local music performances
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The world’s most famous wine region with history that dates back hundreds of years. The rivers here are the key to exploration as they transport you from the historic city of Bordeaux  on the left bank of the Garonne river through the renowned wine region. Travel along both banks of the Garonne and Dordogne rivers in the Bordeaux wine region journeying the foremost wine travel experience of the wine world both on land and by river while exploring the historic regions that make up the Bordeaux region of France.

During your travels you will explore UNESCO World Heritage sites, cathedrals, castles, magnificent gardens, and wine villages that make this area one of the most requested wine experiences. Included options for small group tours are provided in every port with plenty of  time to explore on your own.

Focusing on the region of Bordeaux and its relationship to the world of vinology through travel can be a fun and knowledgeable journey into the history of wine when you are taken to the most important sites, sampling the best wines in the world along the way.

BURGUNDY & provence

Also considered among the world’s premier wine region’s the French ‘Bourgogne’ was home to the famed dukes and duchesses of France. The Saône river and her canals within the central eastern part of France will take you from the Côte-d’Or region into the heart of Burgundy  known for both red and white wines.

Arriving in the historic capital city of Dijon you will transfer to your floating hotel in Chalon-sur-Saône to embark on a gastronomically French experience through Burgundy and onto the Rhone river into Provence. Explore the cobble-stoned streets of the medieval cities, walk the vineyards in the heart of the famed wine region and tour the beautiful château of the former Duchy of Burgundy before reaching France’s Mediterranean southern rose’ inspired Provence region.

Visiting Burgundy and Provence is not just about the wine. You will be escorted through France’s culinary capital Lyon and on to the fresh foods of Avignon. Another layer of travel enjoyment with the opportunity to  pair some of the best wines of France with the local dining pleasures of historic cities.


The Douro Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage site is one of the oldest wine regions in the world. This region is recognized for its production of Portuguese regional Port wines grown on hilly terraced vineyards along the Douro river. The Douro river runs from central Spain through Portugal and empties into the Atlantic Ocean at the city of Porto. Transporting you to or from the historic city of Porto, the foremost location for Portugal’s acclaimed Port wine production. Imagine meandering along the Douro river on one of the most scenic cruise experiences while sampling the local cuisine and Port wines of the region. 

Visiting the Iberian peninsula begins with a few nights in the beautiful and vibrant city of Lisbon. After a memorable visit of ornate architecture, transfer to the northern coast of Portugal to Porto.  The city of bridges, Porto is  the gateway for a round trip or one way cruise through Portugal’s inner waterway and historic wine route. Explore the sites, tour the cathedrals and palaces, visit the magnificent gardens, and walk the vineyards of historic family owned quintas that make this region a highly requested river cruise experience.

Many options for tours are provided in each port, with options to also hike or bike the area. Enjoy the highlights and landmarks with extra time to explore on your own. Finish your experience in the cosmopolitan Spanish city of Madrid with its elegant streets and iconic parks where you can indulge in hispania architecture and esteemed art of Southern Europe’s global city.


In the Rhineland of Germany, the Mosel river flows from the mountains of Northern France into Luxembourg and through southern Germany. Considered by many to be the most beautiful river in Germany, it is the countries oldest wine region. The third-largest growth area of Germany is a breathtaking experience best seen from the river where the best of the best of wines are grown on the sloped terraced vineyards. 

Enjoy the romance of this alluring hilly area filled with wine towns and Riesling vineyards that span the hillsides. The riverbanks along the Mosel is where you will find some of the most prominent wines of  the slated soils of Germany. The romantic towns and charming villages are filled with local culture. The  natural beauty from the surrounding areas of forests and valleys offer additional activities with plenty of opportunity for exploration and immersion.

The Mosel wine route that runs along the river leads you to key wineries, UNESCO Heritage sites, Roman monuments and medieval castles. Walk the streets filled with timbered homes sitting below castles peering high above the river like scenes right out of a storybook. For an active experience jump upon one of the complementary bicycles along the path that follows the length of the river. An opportunity to explore til your hearts content.


Discovering the wines of the Rhine river is a journey that takes you through multiple countries with travel experiences that are not centered around wine but are wine inclusive. Travel from Amsterdam in the Netherlands south through German villages in the Rheingau wine region. Before finding yourself in the northern French/German Alsace region and then entering into Switzerland, the home of the Alps.

Your itinerary will treat you to storybook ‘Old Towns’ featuring beautiful Gothic cathedrals and historic castles. Highlights are traveling through the Rhine Gorge before reaching the iconic German vineyards of Rüdesheim and Ludwigshafen. Upon entering the towns and fairytalesque villages of the the Alsatian wine region you will be greeted by quaint cobble-stoned streets. Completing your Rhine experience arriving into medieval Switzerland with the opportunity to journey to the beautiful alps region of Lucerne and cosmopolitan city of Zurich.

Traveling the Rhine is a captivating experience. With so much to see the many options of included excursions offers the best opportunity to not miss the best sites with a variety of activities to fit all types of adventures.

The best part is that we handle all of the details without hidden costs