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How to Easter in Central Europe

For 2 -3 weeks preceding and after Easter week are annual local holiday fairs called the Easter Markets can be enjoyed throughout Central Europe.

Most popular in Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic enjoy some local traditions as you visit cities like Nuremberg, Vienna, Salzburg, and Prague.

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Why Kölsch Beer is the toast of Cologne, Germany!

The fun and cheerful spirit of Cologne can be related to its standing as a large city center, with universities, museums, and nightlife.

But perhaps, the reason for its lighthearted spirit is the large number of pubs that are found here. Cologne has the most brewhouses per capita in Germany at over 3,000.

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How to find Adventure on the Rhine River

The scenery along the Rhine river is blessed with 700 miles of beauty and features thousands of miles of hiking trails that encircle the Rhineland, and the Alps regions, and take you through the many vineyards that are found as you venture up or down the Rhine River.

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How to travel the rivers of Europe by Bicycle?

Many of the European rivers contain scenic cycling trails that will lead you past the landscapes of vineyards, pastures, hills, and sites that lie along its banks.

Taking your vacation to an active level will allow you to pedal through locations that might otherwise be missed.

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Scenic Cruising is NOT just another Sea Day!

As you travel along the European waterways, one of the highlights is traveling through the picturesque regions that you couldn’t otherwise see except through river travel

These long, winding stretches of land that hug the river are so unique, many are considered UNESCO World Heritage sites.

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Why River Cruise with Friends?

With the small but comfortable size of a river cruise ship plus the excitement of the experience, river cruising brings a sense of togetherness to its passengers. You can bring the fun with you for a unique travel experience.

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Why 2022 is the year to visit Amsterdam?

Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands is the gateway to the Rhine river and the local regions within Holland and Belgium. It is a fabulous city that encompasses a complex system of canals, gabled homes, and a variety of museums that exposes the art and history of North Holland. 

So why would you need another reason to visit this year over any other? 

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Finding Harmony along the Danube?

Central Europe is home to some of the most-renowned musical geniuses during the Classical music era from 1600 – 1820. Vivaldi, Mozart, Schubert, Beethoven, and Strauss to name a few are considered on the “A” list of musicians. They are masterminds who gifted the world some of the best musical compilations, who lived and performed them along the Danube River. 

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5 Travel Resolutions to Launch your 2022 Travel!

This is the year for travel and planning travel is one of those goals that you will enjoy from start to finish. In preparation for making your travel dreams a reality, here are five ways to not just check off a resolution but launch yourself into your journey with passion and commitment. 

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Try Oenotourism by Bicycle in Bordeaux

In a nutshell, Oenotourisme is the purpose of traveling that centers around wine. Exploring and enjoying the production of the region plus the cultural heritage that unites it all together is a wine traveler’s dream. With almost 300,000 acres of vineyards and a multitude of wine options, Bordeaux is a top destination. So one might wonder the best way to explore the vast and largest wine growing region of France. The answer is by bicycle.

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Get to the heart of the Douro in Pinhão

As the center of wine production in Portugal, Pinhão offers plenty of experiences to immerse oneself into fully understanding the famed region. Familiarizing oneself with the grapes grown in the locally produced Port wines, learning about the historic production methods and of course sampling some of the Douro’s finest offerings are all included in time spent here. Pinhão is the perfect base for exploring the central Douro Valley and enjoying the region’s highlights.

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Beyond Wine in the City of Bordeaux

Looking beyond Bordeaux’s wine presence, you can see that the city of Bordeaux is abundant in culture and experiences and offers an internationally cosmopolitan vibe. The many areas throughout the city are vibrant and yet each offers its own unique reasons for visiting.

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How to have a Gastronomic Experience in Madrid

Modern Madrid has hundreds of dining experiences that feature both regional and international cuisine making it a gastronomic destination for both foodies and the typical foreign visitor looking to experience both the sophisticated and the popular dining experiences.

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Secret Lisbon

Lisbon is Portugal’s hilly, coastal capital city. The old cities’ pastel buildings, Roman ruins, Moor Castles, stunning views, the local Atlantic beaches, beautiful weather, fantastic gastronomy, the Fado Houses of the Bairrio District and to top it all off, the active nightlife. As a destination she already has so much to offer. But if you are looking for some of the Lisbon’s “Secret” visits, here are 10 of our top lesser known worth seeing recommendations.

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Celebrate the New Year in Spain

Spain has many rituals that are practiced throughout the country and take New Years Eve very seriously just as they do their Christmas celebrations and post New Years. New Years in Spain is referred to as Noche Vieja, old night and reflects the culture of the Spanish people.

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Top 3 Château to visit in the Loire Valleys “Land of Châteaux”

With upwards of 300 Château scattered throughout the Loire Valley that range in size and style from simple 10th century fortified castles to massive residences, the structures were built for nobility and royalty who were drawn to the area to build their dream residences, during the renaissance. The one commonality between the many châteaux within the central region of the valley is their locations near the rivers of the region.

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Lets Hike the Douro Valley

The valley offers absolutely amazing landscapes and the best way to experience them is hiking through the valleys where for generations terraced staircases were built on a terroir of steep hillsides along the river transforming unusable lands into award winning vineyards.

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Visit South Africa for the Wine

The wet winters and hot dry summers provide a Mediterranean climate, similar to the region of Bordeaux, in France and provides for ample wine production with major vineyards surrounding the city of Cape Town.

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Let’s Go Castle Hopping in Sintra, Portugal

Sintra, a small Portuguese town, approximately 25km (15 miles), within the hills outside of Lisbon is filled with ancient castles and beautiful summer palaces that will take you through Portugal’s history from Ottoman rule in the 8th century to the end of the Portuguese monarchy in the early 1900’s.

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5 Reasons to visit Abu Dhabi in the UAE

The capital of Emirates, Abu Dhabi is a modern city, reflected by skyscrapers throughout the skyline and high end shopping megacenters, but Abu Dhabi also offers parks, traditional gardens and miles and miles of coastline and beaches.

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How to Find Luxury when visiting Egypt

Even during the Greek and Roman Empire, Egypt was the playground of the rich and powerful. So as Egypt has become a modern city, it is not unexpected that it is to this day filled with luxuries and affluence just as it was many thousands of years ago.

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