Visit the Christmas Markets as you river cruise Europe

Experience the Holidays with Old World Charm

Are you dreaming of magical cities and charming villages, where snow-capped Cathedrals and holiday cheer fill the air?

Consider embarking on a breathtaking river cruise through central Europe, available from late November to late December.

On your journey, you’ll explore traditional, authentic holiday markets that have looked the same for hundreds of years.

From Amsterdam to Switzerland or Germany through Austria, to Hungary, there are endless possibilities for adventure and beauty on the waterways.

Discover fairytale castles along the Rhine gorge, magnificent snowy alps, and stroll through medieval Germany or dreamy Vienna, all while soaking up the unforgettable local holiday delights.

Each port offers tours of the cities’ highlights and landmarks, leaving you with extra time to explore the unique holiday offerings.

Allow us as passionate river cruise specialists, to expertly guide you through this one-of-a-kind Christmas Markets experience.

Get ready to make holiday memories that will last a lifetime.

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