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Your bucket list is filled with lists of destinations, physical encounters and immersive experiences that you will gain from active journeys, adventure travel, wine tourism or bucket list vacations. How many itineraries have you moved, re-planned, canceled or just have not considered? How many more dream vacations will go unfulfilled without knowing how to navigate the current travel environment? A lack of understanding may be costing you fantastic travel experiences that you can plan and even take now.

You Don't Have to be Confused Anymore!

Reduce Time

Searching online, long holds interacting with suppliers, we save you time and keep you updated. BucketList Travel has you covered and assured you are in the know each step of the way.

Save Money

BucketList Travel’s extensive knowledge and relationships with suppliers will support your needs providing invaluable guidance to keep you on track and on budget.

Limit Surprises

We have a plan to reduce your risk, solve problems and navigate through uncertainties you face before or while traveling. BucketList Travel’s done research so you don’t have to. 

We understand the oppositions travelers are experiencing

Join the hundreds of travelers we've assisted in the last 5 years
"Thanks so much for all the help and support you gave me during the planning stage for my trip to Portugal."
- Sherry P.
"I just wanted to thank you for all the work you’ve done on this. With the situation being as fluid as it has been you’ve managed to not only stay on top of things but be remarkably patient and customer focused. You’ve made what could have been a difficult and confusing itinerary seem almost effortless. Thanks again for all that you do."
- Don F.
"I have been extremely pleased and grateful for all your help and guidance. Paula and I were so looking forward to our river cruise and hope to experience one again in the future."
- Bobbie I.

Its so easy......


Speak with Sandee so she can get to know you, your travel style, your goals and guide you on the next steps.



Together you will discuss, design and create a plan to prepare you for your custom journey.


Embark on your itinerary and start enjoying a fabulous and seamless travel experience.

At BucketList Travel Advisors, we know our customers are the kind of people who want intimate luxury travel experiences. To have that requires the security of knowing you have a travel partner who is there to assist, guide and direct you. Your concerns come from the current uncertainties of future travel. We know you can immerse into these experiences safely with the security of knowing you are not alone. Our clients have traveled internationally, as have we and we understand the concerns that exist. That’s why we have a personalized plan so you can take advantage of the many opportunities for travel.

Here is how it works:

  • Step 1 – Research: We know the destinations and the conditions of the regions you want to travel too. We have done the research and continue to keep updated on the information. We work with clients who have been there, plan on going there or have traveled there ourselves.
  • Step 2 – Knowledge: Reliable information from our vendors keeps us up to date. We connect you to our most trusted travel partners to guide your journey and assist you along the way. Collectively we have a plan to direct and assist with flexibility if the unexpected occurs.
  • Step 3 – Information:  We keep you on track and informed with real time data related to your destination, transportation and travel requirements. We provide you with the steps necessary so you can embark on a seamless and enjoyable travel experience.

Schedule a call with Sandee so you can stop worrying about when and how to travel and start picturing yourself immersing in your next adventure.

How to Start Your Ultimate Bucket List Experience?

I am a full time and specialized luxury travel professional! Together we will navigate the planning process and design your custom experience while I provide value and knowledge to your itinerary. Most importantly you will have the confidence that you can travel safely and with the freedom of adaptability. This is why I am a great fit in assisting you with your Bucket List travel plans.

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