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Tailor-made vacations to discover culture and heritage throughout Europe

There are tremendous possibilities to explore in Europe, and it can be a daunting task to decide which country to visit, especially given the numerous regions, varied landscapes, and multifarious cultures.

It is a testament to the rich historical significance and diversity of Europe, which can make your travel experiences incredibly enriching.

But fret not! We are here to help you plan a memorable trip to this beautiful continent. Our team works with local guides creating bespoke tour itineraries, tailored to your preferences and interests.

Whether you want to savor the delicious food, learn about the local customs and traditions, or explore the lesser-known gems hidden in the countryside, we have got you covered.

So, get ready to embark on an adventure that will stay with you for a lifetime!

We are experts in Italy, France, Spain, and Portugal and we create wonderful European vacations to these amazing places.

We make custom travel plans that let you visit the places that matter most to you and also some great spots that most people don’t know about.

Our European Travel itineraries include boutique luxury hotels and unique experiences to ensure an exciting journey in fabulous destinations.

  • Luxurious boutique accommodations and amenities
  • Local dining encounters and cooking classes
  • Discover the  history and culture of the regions that you are traveling with private guides and/or drivers
  • Inclusive amenities and services tailored to your needs
  • Special programs designed around your interests and places that you don’t want to miss


A visit to France is like enjoying fine wine. Filled with some of the most beautiful towns and villages in Europe. You may not recognize all of its regions. But each offers its own unique balance, complexity, and flavor that have withstood time as it ages. 

During your travels in France, you will explore UNESCO World Heritage sites, cathedrals, castles, and magnificent gardens.

Some of the most requested regions we arrange; 

Paris – Filled with famed monuments and museums, world-renowned shopping, award-winning gastronomy, remarkable nightlife, and a romantic vibe that gives visiting here that “je ne sais quoi”, it’s Paris. As the site of the 2024 Summer Olympics, Paris will be the place to see and be seen for the foreseeable future. 

French Riviera – the playground to the rich and famous provides a layer of sophistication and excitement to visiting the beaches.  Not just popular as a Mediterranean mecca in the southern region of France. The Provincial regions of the Cote d’Azur offer both small and large towns and coastal hillside villages featuring cafes, bars, and world-famous annual festivals. 

Normandy – The northern coastal region of France boarding the English Channel is most visited for its connection to the D-Day landings. But that barely scratches the surface of the local experiences. Viewing the sites of cobblestoned Bayeux, Caan, and Mont St. Michel and sampling the local cheeses and Calvados cider will open secrets you never imagined you would find here. 

Wine regions – Wine has been part of the culture of France for hundreds of years. Visiting France can offer insight into some of the largest and oldest wine industries in the world. An opportunity to pair the wines of Burgundy, the Loire Valley, and Bordeaux with local dining pleasures while stepping back in time to explore historic cities.

As specialists, we can take you to all corners of “la France”


One of the most visited countries in Europe. Highlighted by distinct landscapes, cultural delights, and gastronomic riches offering some of the most historic sites in Europe. Throughout the “boot,” you will find cities that each offer their own distinctive charm and unique character.

Traveling through Italy, you will celebrate thousands of years of history, art, architecture, food, and wines that are known throughout the world.

Some of the many requested regions our clients visit; 

Rome – The showpiece of Italy. This was the cradle of civilization for thousands of years. and the center of the establishment of Christianity. It is here you bear witness to all of this and more. A modern city for art, history, scenic gardens, and iconic landscapes. Combine this with shopping, memorable dining, and nightlife and you have so many reasons why Rome is at the top of visitors’ must-see list. 

Amalfi Coast – surrounded by water, Italy is known for the beauty of its coastlines. Factor in the mild climate and you have thirteen towns and thirty miles of ocean playgrounds to wander and explore along the Amalfi coastline. From Sorrento in the north to Salerno in the south, staying in and exploring the popular towns of Positano, Amalfi, and Ravello is easily accessed by boat, public transportation or private tour to enjoy the beaches and cliffside views.

Tuscany – The central region of Italy with its connection to arts and sciences, and as one of the top wine regions in the world. From the sites of the capital city of Florence to the medieval towns and villages of Siena, San Gimignano, and the coastal region of Pisa. Tuscany draws you into her charms with breathtaking scenery, historic local culture, delicious foods, and famed wine villages that together make it a cultural destination.

Venice – One of the most distinctive cities in the world. A hundred small islands are all connected by bridges and canals. Visiting Venice you will travel back in time. Renaissance and Gothic architecture combined with a history as a maritime and financial hub of Italy. This floating city is a UNESCO World Heritage site worthy of visiting.

Travel Italy from top to bottom or coast to coast with a destination specialist


Travel to the Iberian Peninsula bordered by the Atlantic Ocean in the north and the Mediterranean Sea in the south and the east. The fourth-largest and fifth-most visited country in Europe has much to offer.

Featuring a variety of sites and monuments offering both cultural and natural resources Spain is second to Italy for the most UNESCO World Heritage sites in Europe. The Spanish love to celebrate and there is always a festival or event happening around the country. 

The key requested regions our clients visit; 

Madrid – The capital of the country has been one of the most important historical centers in Europe for hundreds of years. It is here that you can enjoy immersing in tapas at lively taverns while exploring the many historical and architectural attractions, museums, and parks that the city has to offer. An international city, with shopping and local trains to explore the nearby Unesco Historic Regions of Toledo, or Segovia.

Andalusia – is one of the most diverse regions for its sites and its culture.  From the flamenco influence to cities filled with rich architecture. The capital city of Seville and some of the nearby perfectly preserved former Ottoman areas within Grenada and Cordoba will immerse you into the past. You can also easily reach the Costa del Sol resort area of Malaga or Marbella and enjoy the beaches, golfing, and perfect year-round ocean climate.

Barcelona – is also an international city. Located on the coast it is where culture meets the ocean with its own uniqueness. The capital of Catalonia offers modern avant-garde Gaudi architecture side by side with medieval architecture and Roman ruins. The Mediterranean climate draws visitors here year-round to its numerous sites and for enjoying the world-famous beaches. This is why Barcelona is the most visited city in Spain. 

As a Spain Specialist, we will guide you into the rich local culture


Visiting the most western country of Europe is filled with rolling scenery, beautiful villages, the sun almost year-round, and coastal charm, Portugal is a popularly visited country for gastronomy and cultural immersion. 

Changing geography between the hilly terrain of the famed vineyards in the north, medieval villages found in the central regions, and the beautiful resort areas and beaches in the south.  It is not difficult to find history, culture, architecture, and great food and wine throughout the country.  

Lisbon – the capital of the country melds the old customs with the modern city. Visiting here you will find some of the country’s top attractions many of which are UNESCO World Heritage sites. Where else can you sample local dishes while enjoying the folk-based fado music between hopping on scenic trams to ride around the colorful neighborhoods throughout the city? The coastal views of the Targus estuary are picture-perfect.

Algarve – The southernmost region of the country is considered a hidden gem against the more popular central and northern regions. Here you will find a fabulous Mediterranean climate featuring beautiful untouched beaches and enjoy local seafood-based cuisine. Set out to explore the charming villages that you will discover as you walk the nearby trails finding history dating back to the Roman and Ottoman Empires. 

Madeira – Part of an Archipelago of four islands, Madeira has a mild subtropical climate and beautiful landscapes, which made it a popular tourist destination.  Two-thirds of the region is a nature reserve, aimed at protecting its rich ecosystems. You can visit the largest and most well-preserved Laurissilva forest, aged 20 million years, on the island. This archipelago offers various activities, making it the perfect place for a getaway.

Porto – where the Douro River meets the Atlantic Ocean.  The hilly “city of bridges” features historic culture and monuments to explore as you walk along medieval streets that meet modern roads. If the scenic beauty does not entice you, the imposing architecture and beautiful azulejos tiles around the city will. This is also the perfect base for immersing into the port wine industry in Gaia, the gateway city to the famed Douro Valley region.

Travel Portugal for Endless Sunshine and More….

As destination experts, let us guide you to explore some of Europes best destinations!