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At BucketList Travel, we’re passionate about inspiring you to explore your dream destinations.

We believe that everyone deserves to experience top-notch travel planning that match their budget and preferences! That’s why our Travel Excellence Program is dedicated to providing you with the best support, expertise, and advice possible.

From destinations to accommodations, as a seasoned professional we curate a tailor-made plan that suits your unique needs.

We take pride in partnering with only the most reliable suppliers, ensuring  satisfaction every step of the way.

Take advantage of our complimentary consultation, and let’s create a seamless vacation!

Travel Services

To guarantee the time and commitment required for the level of support you deserve for your travel experience we have the following Travel Excellence Programs and inclusions:

Every trip is unique: they vary in length, number of travelers, and complexity. Some travelers prefer to be more spontaneous; others want to have every detail planned in advance.

Based on past travelers’ needs, we have developed three tiers of travel planning and support with the typical fee charged. Each trip is quoted individually.


Ideal for travelers with a single itinerary who are primarily interested in reservation management support and advocacy.


Ideal for independent-minded travelers who are interested in a single country or cruise with pre and post land package.

      • The Itinerary is tailored to your travel style, desired pace, and preferences.

      • Includes consultation and research to match you with the right options

Ideal for travelers seeking a custom-designed itinerary that includes multiple destinations and modes of travel, or a highly detailed itinerary for a single destination.

      • Includes all the amenities of the Gold package with additional Concierge services.

      • The Itinerary is tailored to your travel style, desired pace, and preferences.
      • Travel plans and insider tips are included on a mobile app.

You have the option of choosing which package best meets your travel style and itinerary needs.

Silver Assurance Package

The best option for a single cruise itinerary, group or pre-arranged tour, or single hotel/resort stay for a single household including:
$50 per person*

*Minimum of $100 per household. Itinerary adjustments and cancelations are an additional $50 fee per service change.

Gold Assurance Planning

This option is for a multi-faceted itinerary, which may include various locations within a single country and/or supplier and includes:
$150 per person*

*Minimum of $300 per household. Post final payment itinerary adjustments and cancelations are an additional $50 fee per service change.

Platinum Travel Concierge Service

For the traveler who wants "white glove" service and all aspects prearranged with travel to multiple countries and multiple destinations.
$500 per household

*Itinerary cancelations are an additional $100 fee per service change.

Group Planning & Coordination

When planning for five or more cruise cabins, hotel accommodations, or custom travel for large parties. We will support you throughout the entire process as your Group Coordinator, and make all the arrangements to ensure everyone's experience is seamless.
$300 per Group Set-up Fee*
*Each traveler will be responsible for their own Travel Excellence package

Our Planning Process Simplified