Meet the Main and Moselle

Meet the Main & Moselle Rivers

Explore the beauty of Germany’s western regions by cruising along the Moselle and Main rivers.

The Moselle River is famous for its wine region, offering scenic landscapes and medieval towns surrounding historic castles.

Travelers can enjoy tasting wine, visiting Germany’s oldest city, Trier, and experiencing the region’s renowned Riesling and Müller-Thurgau grapes.

Meanwhile, the Main River boasts the Main-Danube Canal, connecting the North Sea to the Black Sea, and UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as Bamberg in Bavaria and Wertheim.

With a mild continental climate, this region is enjoyable all year round, making it a perfect destination.

Embrace the adventure and sample activities such as hiking to Germany’s most beautiful castle ruins, enjoying a winery tour and visiting the terraced vineyards.

Float to new heights by experiencing the best of Germany’s rivers with an immersive scenic experience.

Sample activities included with a cruise:

  • Enjoy a visit to Trier, “Rome of the North” featuring the largest number of ancient Roman architecture outside of Rome
  • Enjoy a winery tour and tasting while touring the ciy of Bernkastel
  • From Cochem, pedal along the scenic Mosel River
  • Soar over the vineyards of Rüdesheim by gondola to the Niederwald monument.
  • Try the smoked beer while visiting Bamberg
  • Be amazed at the Baroque Palace, Würzburg Residenz, featuring the world’s largest ceiling fresco
  • Hike from Wertheim above the Main Valley to Germany’s most beautiful castle ruins.

A river cruise through the Deutchland can start with a few nights in the historic and vibrant city of Prague in the Czech Republic and end with one to three nights in Paris or two nights in the Champagne region of France.

Available from early spring through mid fall, enjoy the best of the German rivers with an immersive and  scenic experience.

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