Meet the Main and Moselle

Meet the Main & Moselle Rivers

Both the Moselle and Main rivers are major tributaries of the Rhine. Each has it’s own personality and offers a different aspect of visiting Germany and traveling through her western regions.

The Moselle River, or Mosel as it is called in Germany, flows northeast from the Vosage Mountains in France into Luxembourg before reaching Germany where it connects with the Rhine River.

Known as one of the most renowned regions in Germany for wine, she meanders among the terraced vines. This region produces the majority of the wine growth in Germany and is the most northern wine region in the world. The popular wines here are Riesling and Müller-Thurgau grapes that are grown on south-facing, very steep inclined vineyards in blue-slate bedrock soil, the secret to the region’s famed wines. 

You can also find here the most scenic landscape in the country within the Mosel River Valley. As you travel along you will pass medieval towns sitting below historic castles. Key towns to visit on the Mosel include Germany’s oldest city, Trier. You will pop into Cochem, the storybook town filled with half-timbered houses and its signature hilltop castle. Plus immerse within Bernkastel’s dozen or so wine bars and enjoy a glass of local Riesling from the Bernkasteler Doctor vineyards. Considered some of the best wines in the world. 

The Main River is the longest tributary of the Rhine and the longest river in Germany. Flowing through central Germany’s Bavarian and Franconia regions you can find the 106 mile Main-Danube Canal. The manmade wonder that connects the North Sea to the Black Sea through 16 locks. 

Bamberg in the Bavarian region dates back to the 9th Century and is a UNESCO World Heritage Center. Traveling into the Franconia region, Würzburg  in the Main River Valley is rich with local wine growth for its noted white Silvaner and Weissburgunder (Pinot Blanc) grapes. A popular reason for visiting this wine region is the short, round, green, or brown signature “Bocksbeutel” bottles that hold the wines. Wertheim at the confluence of the Main and Tauber rivers, is well known for its picturesque 12th Century castle and former home of the Counts of Wertheim.

An annual mild continental climate makes this region enjoyable throughout the year. With four distinct seasons this is the perfect region to visit anytime.

Sample activities included with a cruise:

  • Enjoy a visit to Trier, “Rome of the North” featuring the largest number of ancient Roman architecture outside of Rome
  • Enjoy a winery tour and tasting while touring the ciy of Bernkastel
  • From Cochem, pedal along the scenic Mosel River
  • Soar over the vineyards of Rüdesheim by gondola to the Niederwald monument.
  • Try the smoked beer while visiting Bamberg
  • Be amazed at the Baroque Palace, Würzburg Residenz, featuring the world’s largest ceiling fresco
  • Hike from Wertheim above the Main Valley to Germany’s most beautiful castle ruins.

A river cruise through the Deutchland can start with a few nights in the historic and vibrant city of Prague in the Czech Republic and end with one to three nights in Paris or two nights in the Champagne region of France.

Available from early spring through mid fall, enjoy the best of the German rivers with an immersive and  scenic experience.

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