Cruising the Danube River

The second longest river in Europe, the Danube River meanders through ten countries in central and southeastern Europe before reaching the Black Sea.

Flowing west to east the Danube was once a primary trade route dating back to the Roman Empire and has dominated in history as a key participant during the Ottoman Empire, the Austrian Hapsburgs, the Russian Empire and German control in World War II.

With so much history and culture you have many options for visiting some of the top cities in Central Europe.

Germany – Flowing through both the Bavarian and Franconian regions, provides the perfect opportunity for Medieval and World War history in Nuremberg. Sample the dining specialties and UNESCO World Heritage of Regensburg and the beautiful location and the the old town and Cathedral in Passau at the confluence of the Danube with the Inn and Ilz rivers.

Austria – As you travel through the breathtaking mountainous regions of the Austrian countryside you will pass the scenic wine region of the Wachau Valley all the while visiting historic sites. You  can reach iconic cities like Vienna and Salzburg. Indulge in these locations where music, food, history and culture harmonize with the beauty of the local architecture.

Slovakia – At the border of the countries of Austria and Hungary you will find the capital city Bratislava and it’s pedestrian old town where the Carpathian mountains meet the river. Popular for its local cafe’s and bars and the Bratislava Castle which sits high up the river offers a legendary past and the best views of the city.

Hungary – The fascinating capital city, Budapest is a tale of two cities. Visit the historic side of the Danube which dates back to Roman and Ottoman periods. Here you will find the medieval town and current political center. Cross the modern chain bridge to the Pest side, and explore the squares, parks, gardens and some of the most breathtaking  Neo-classical buildings. Viewing the city at night from the river is a must see.

Croatia – is the border between the central and southeastern Europe. Playing an important role in the European trade routes between Central and Southeastern countries. Discover how this Danube region of Croatia played an important role throughout European history.

Serbia – Visiting the capital city of Belgrade you will follow the history of a region that has played a role in many European Empires. One of Europes oldest  and continuously inhabited regions, you can discover the influences  the Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman, Serbian and Austrian rulers left on this city where two rivers meet before passing through the most scenic portion of the lower Danube and the Iron Gates gorge.

Bulgaria – In the eastern Balkan mountains, will introduce you to a vast history of cultural monuments from ancient to  modern times. Traveling along the Danube you will visit fortresses that date back to the Roman Empire with surrounding rock formations from 200 million years ago. In the Neo-Baroque and Neo-Rococo city of Rousse, referred to as “Little Vienna” you will discover the role the city played in history from the Ottoman Empire to World War II.

Romania – across the river from Rousse is Giurgiu, the southern port city of Romania. Filled with forested areas, and medieval towns, Giurgiu is the gateway to the inland cities of Brasov and Bucharest. 

Cruising the Danube river, the landscape constantly changes as you travel among the ancient Roman relics, medieval architecture and Imperial style of the Hapsburg Dynasty. Explore sections of the Upper or the Lower Danube or perhaps you are adventurous and want to embark on a full two-week adventure of the full Danube river.

Excursion options are plentiful and with bicycles on board, and options for guided hiking tours, you will take in the highlights and landmarks with plenty of additional time to further explore on your own.

You will immerse the ports in boutique accommodations, with world-class dining, and top local entertainment all while traveling one of Europe’s most historic waterways. 

Sample activities included with your cruise:

  • Tours of Passau Germany by foot, bicycle or hiking for the more active traveler.
  • Visit  the center of historic Salzburg, a UNESCO World Heritage site.
  • Scenic cruising through the Wachau Valley in Austria
  • A tasting tour will have you sampling some of Austria’s best local wines.
  • Bike through the Imperial City of Vienna.
  • Hike to the hilltop Castle overlooking the city of Bratislava.
  • Tour both sides of the Danube in the former capital of the Austria-Hungary, Budapest.
  • Explore Novi Sad the trading port and second largest city in Serbia.
  • Sample Bojkovčanka the official plum brandy of  Serbian royalty in Belgrade.
  • Taste local gastronomy popular to Bulgarian culture.
  • Take a full day tour of Bucharest the capital of Romania.

Extend your travel with a pre-cruise package in the city of a hundred spires, Prague, or a post-cruise in Brasov to visit Dracula’s castle and two nights in Bucharest.

As river cruise specialists, we at BucketList Travel Advisors can guide you on all the details of a Danube river experience.