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Discover the secrets of Egypt traveling the Nile

Journey through the “cradle of civilization” with AmaWaterways for adventure travel. An enriching and enlightening cultural immersion along the Nile (the world’s longest) River. Experience  the secrets of Egypt firsthand as you travel the banks of the river traveling back thousands of years. Expand your knowledge of Egyptian history and architecture as you explore ancient temples and tombs among the greatest wonders of the world.

Discover the culture of old and modern Egypt starting in Cairo and then traveling from Luxor on a 7 day river journey. If a trip to Egypt is on your bucket list this experience will satisfy your thirst for adventure and entice all your senses with unforgettable sites and local cultures

Discover more about river cruising. If you would like to know more about Egypt, we at BucketList Travel Advisors can assist you with planning a river cruise of a lifetime!