The Priceless Value of a Travel Advisor

With third-party sites, online flight booking, and good old internet research, you may be scratching your head saying, why would I need a travel advisor? 

Did you know that many travelers report that reservations made on these sites don’t exist upon arrival to their hotel or reservations are canceled during high demand periods?

The internet can provide you a basic rundown of the best-rated tourist spots in your vacation destination. AI-generated trip planners will even build you a day-to-day itinerary. But will it have you running across a city from one sight to the other and back only to discover that tickets are already sold out for the day.

Memorable experiences will last a lifetime. 

Here's how a travel advisor can make all the difference in a memorable vacation:

Worry-Free Planning

Let’s face it, you’re busy!

After working full days and juggling responsibilities, you should rather kick back with a glass of wine than endlessly scrolling through hotel rooms and tours trying to decipher location and ratings.

With a travel advisor;

  • provide basic information, and a specialist builds you an itinerary and confirm experiences based on your travel interests, needs, and style.
  • Everything is provided to you in a well documented format for travel simplicity and seamlessness. 


Travel advisors have access to perks:

  • Complimentary upgraded rooms, free breakfast, and early check-in or late check-out which is not always available to the self-planner. 
  • For cruisers, many times advisors can use their leverage to score you onboard credit or pre-paid gratuities.
  • The relationships advisors strategically build with travel suppliers and partnerships with large networks offer benefits you can only receive as a client.


  • Most travel advisors take on years of training to specialize in regions and travel experiences.
    • This regional expertise allows your advisor to curate a well-planned, time and cost-effective itinerary.
  • Extensive knowledge of regions guide travelers toward full immersion with the finest experiences that you want to have.

Local Connections

Advisors understand doing as the locals do, gifts visitors culturally immersive and distinctive experiences.

  • A specialized professional works with in-country connections to find you the best and most reliable services.
    • City-to-city transfers
    • inclusive hotels,
    • local tour guides
    • tickets to the most high demand sights

A local’s knowledge not only assists advisors plan you seamless and unique travel experiences.

  • Provides you with a real-time in location connection when something does not go as planned. 

The Experience of a Lifetime 

Working with a travel advisor is a win-win situation. 

  1. You don’t have to deal with mind-boggling travel politics.  Waiting on the phone for endless hours at a time just to be disconnected or sent in circles.
  2. Your needs and wants are matched with a thoughtful, easy-to-follow travel itinerary
  3.  You are made aware of top-rated restaurants and local travel tips thanks to their expertise and local connections. 

Professional Planning

While paying a planning fee may seem like an additional travel expense. It most often translates into a more enjoyable and stress-free travel experience. An investment in ensuring that your trip is well-planned, tailored to your lifestyle and preferences, and optimized for value and convenience. Not to mention the value of what they can provide you in amenities and time, re-booking costs and last minute planning.

Bucketlist Travel Advisors are experts in Europe:

  • As specialists in Spain, Portugal, Italy, and France you can rest assured that your vacation will be seamless and well planned. 
  • Extensive knowledge of wine regions, golf vacations and river cruising they guide travelers toward a region’s finest local experiences.
  • Using technology, your advisor is never far away with crisis management skills that can turn a stressful situation into merely a small bump along an amazing journey.
  •  A “trips” app will assist you in mapping your day-to-day itinerary, keep you on time and remind you of the places you’re going and  visiting. 
  • As a professional and an expert, a planning fee is a small cost to assure that time and expertise has been given to all aspects of your vacation.

Save yourself from the hassle of an internet-planned vacation. Plan your next vacation with Bucket List Travel Advisors and let a professional work their magic. You’ll guarantee yourself the experience of a lifetime.

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