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Why Visit Burgundy in France?

Visiting Burgundy will provide you the opportunity to witness the historic sites, and view the delightful scenery all while indulging in the regional food and wines of central France.

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Savor the Flavors of Germany’s Wine Regions

Made up of 13 regions of some of the coolest climate vineyards in the world, Germany offers the opportunity to immerse yourself in the wine regions. Lying among the fairytale castles and stunning landscapes of southern Germany the flavors go well beyond the wines.

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Choosing a European River to Cruise

As a perspective river traveler, your goals are probably to explore the countries, reach the capitals, and immerse in the regions you travel through as you watch the changing landscapes of the world scenically pass you by.

So now for the tough decision, choosing a European River to cruise

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Five Not to be Missed Christmas Markets

With hundreds of markets occurring annually throughout Europe, many are drawn to the most popular locations in Germany, Austria, France, and Hungary. Here are five Christmas Markets that are more than worthy of adding to your visit list:

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Visit South Africa for the Wine

The wet winters and hot dry summers provide a Mediterranean climate, similar to the region of Bordeaux, in France and provides for ample wine production with major vineyards surrounding the city of Cape Town.

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What river is a MATCH for your next cruise?

Looking for guidance on your river cruise experience? Discover which river matches your travel interests and lifestyle?

Sandee Hughes is a travel advisor and owner of BucketList Travel Advisors.

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– Passionate about travel and traveling is why she is successful at what she does

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– A master problem solver your challenge is her motivation

– Sandee is a verified and certified Advisor with the American Society of Travel Agents

– An active member of the Cruise Line International Association

She works for her clients as their advocate with her focus on their best interest

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