Bucket List Italy: Hiking from the Top to the Toe

Stretching from the north-sitting Alps to the rugged Apennines Mountains and islands of active volcanoes, Italy is a haven for hikers at all experience levels. 

Here are some of the best hiking destinations in Italy:

Dolomites - bucketlisttraveladvisors.com


Tucked in the Eastern Alps, the spiky mountains have dozens of trails that are perfect for hikers of all levels. Here are a couple that we like;

Loop around the Lago Di Braies, a two-mile trek, for stunning views of the shimmering lake with the jagged white-washed Dolomites imposing in the background.

If a historical hike calls your name, ascend the iconic Cinque Torri trail. On the way up, you’ll walk through wood-covered trenches reminiscent of World War 1. Once you’ve reached the quirky, five-rock formation an hour later there are more tunnels and bunkers to explore. If your legs tire on the way back, opt for the four-seater chairlift. You’ll receive a stunning birdseye view of the limestone mountain range.

Lake Como - bucketlisttraveladvisors.com

Lake Como Greenway

In Italy’s Swiss-bordering Lombardy region, Lake Como captures the heart of visitors with its rolling green hills and sweet terra-cotta towns that face the lake.

Avid hikers won’t want to miss the greenway’s moderate three-and-a-half-hour nature walk set upon the picturesque backdrop of the Alps. The six-mile trek weaves you between ancient Roman roads, historic fishing villages, and bands of Romanesque churches. At one point in your journey, you’ll pass through rows of olive trees that produce a subtle woody aroma.

Cinque Terre - bucketlisttraveladvisors.com

Cinque Terre

Four hours southwest of Lake Como, idiosyncratic sunset-colored homes populate the rugged coastline of Cinque Terre.

Due to the steep cliffs and unbelievably narrow roads, the Italian Riviera’s villages are difficult to drive through.

Many travelers opt to take the train and hike alongside the deep blue Ligurian Sea with views overlooking Cinque Terre’s dramatically stacked villages.

Along the way, stop in any of the towns running through the Sentiero Azzurro Trail for a scenic lunch stop, to stroll through historic piazzas, or to cool off in the Mediterranean Sea.

Recommendation: Before making the trip, purchase a Cinque Terre card which will provide you access to hike all of the trails and then hop on a bus, train or ferry to make your way back to where you started.

Path of the Gods - bucketlisttraveladvisors.com

Amalfi Coast

With sea-swept vineyards, hosts of hidden coves, and charming mountain hamlets, hiking on the Amalfi Coast should be at the center of every Italian vacation.

Walking the Path of the Gods (Sentiero degli Dei) is a sore spot for the glutes but a visible treat for the eyes. It runs from the cliff-side village of Bomerano to the vibrant resort town of Positano, taking four to five hours if you do the whole trek. The path is rocky and steep but the views of the rugged, azure coastline are unparalleled.

Upon reaching Positano, you’ll fall in love with the cheery orange-and-white homes hovering of this playful village peering over the Mediterranean. 

Stromboli - bucketlisttraveladvisors.com


To complete the Italian hiking experience, the small island off of the coast of Sicily is the perfect end to an Italian adventure.

Be aware that due to its potential risks, you must be led by a local guide on the journey towards Mt. Stromboli’s eruptive peak.

The ascend takes up to three hours and you are up against thick black ash and possibly rogue volcanic embers making the right hiking gear  necessary.

With a guide and the right protection, hiking up Stromboli is an electrifying, once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Recommendation: Ask your guide to make sure you reach the summit at sunset so you can see the light show of fiery ash falling out of Stromboli’s crater. Then during nightfall, enjoy a stimulating hike down the volcano’s edge with a headlamp to light your path. 

**Hiking up the exhilarating mountainous Aeolian island lava-streamer should only be attempted by the experienced and daring. We request that you take the proper preparations, including the guidance of an experienced tour guide, and a strong commitment to safety, to enjoy this extraordinary adventure while minimizing potential dangers.

With geographical expertise in Italy, Bucketlist Travel Advisors can help you design an active itinerary for all hiking styles and travel desires.

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