The options for River Cruising in "2023"

As we cruise into 2023, after years of not traveling, the rivers are available to welcome guests to some of the most “bucket list” adventures and some that are new to river cruising. 

Visit exotic destinations such as Vietnam & Cambodia, Egypt, India, Africa, or South America. Or perhaps you would like to increase your time traveling to visit more destinations.

With opportunities around the world, there is an itinerary to accommodate all traveler’s interests. 

Cruise rivers around the world 


 – The mighty Mekong River will draw you into a world along its banks that existed for centuries as you immerse into the daily lives and culture of the friendly people of Vietnam and Cambodia.

 –  The longest river in Africa and quite possibly the world, along the Nile River you will travel the sands of time exploring the historical land of pyramids and pharaohs in Egypt.

– Discover the wonders of India as you cruise the Ganges River enjoying the riches and intrigue of a location that can offer you spiritual enlightenment and culinary satisfaction, all in one journey. 

Africa still stands as one of the most “bucket list” experiences to get up close and personal with hundreds of animal species, birds, and flora all while cruising along the Chobe River on a unique water safari.

– Experience the biodiversity of a tropical rainforest’s natural beauty as you cruise the rivers of South America and uncover the sites and sounds of the Amazon and Magdalena Rivers

New explorations on the rivers of Europe 

The availability of an extended 46-night journey along Seven Rivers makes this the longest and grandest of all river cruise experiences. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity includes fourteen countries and encounters exclusive to this extended itinerary.

Occurring once in the Spring, Summer, and Fall, sample the splendor of Europe as you travel through the season on the navigable rivers of Europe. Cruising on the Seine River you will then whisk over to the Scheldt and Maas through Holland and Belgium to cruise the Dutch waterways. Explore these beautiful countries before sailing along the Rhine, Main, and Moselle rivers and then on to the grand capitals of the Danube from Germany into Romania in Southeast Europe.

Be the first to experience this sailing celebrating the rich cultural traditions of some of Europe’s most fascinating countries. An unbelievable voyage into France, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania.

Strolling historical villages, biking to hilltop castles, hiking famous vineyards and orchards what better way to experience the monuments, castles, cathedrals, cafes, taverns, and seasonal festivals than immersing in a once-in-a-lifetime “grand voyage”.

With many options and experiences to choose from, let BucketList Travel Advisors guide you in choosing your next river cruise destination.