Five Reasons to add Burgundy to the Bucket List!

The spectacular countryside of the French Bourgogne region is located in the eastern portion of central France approximately 3.5 hours from Paris. 

Primarily rural, the Burgundy countryside offers its visitors a plethora of reasons to visit.

Five reasons that will woo you into planning a visit:

1. History – A former ancient Roman region progressed under the duchy of Burgundy becoming one of the most affluent sections of France throughout the middle ages. 

Visiting you will find numerous historical sites worthy of the storybooks;

Château de Couches –  an 11th-century medieval fortress that protected the region between Paris and the Seine river at Chalon-sur-Saône can still be seen as it once was.

The Benedictine Abbey – of Cluny was the largest monastic empire for three centuries. Destroyed by Napolean, sophisticated technology provides you with an interactive tour of the remains. 

Brancion – is an authentic medieval village featuring a fortified feudal castle and fortress town including a Romanesque church overlooking the Grosne Valley. 

2. Landscape – The fertile rolling hills of the Bourgogne region feature valleys dusted with country châteaux. These back roads are perfect for driving or bicycling. As you travel along you will pass endless vineyards, historic monuments, beautiful country homes and move through charming towns. All the while you are enjoying miles and and miles of beautiful scenery and discovering historical sites. 

3. Saône River –  a tributary of the Rhone river, was once used as waterway transportation for the Romans. Traveling 300 miles from the Vosges Mountains in the North to the Rhone river in Lyon, it is the beauty of the picturesque scenery that will inspire you just as it once inspired artists like Van Gogh. Meandering through forested regions, hilly vineyards, and historic cities the Saône travels through the heart of Burgundy and some of the most beautiful towns in France.

4. Gastronomy – In true French fashion, a visit to Burgundy is a foodie experience. Featuring fine dining, cafes, gourmet shops, and local markets, the cuisine will offer something for every budget. Well known for Dijon moutarde (mustard) and beef bourguignon, you will enjoy sampling the homemade bread and local cheeses. Not to be missed is the Bresse Chicken. Blue-footed chickens that are raised to be a highlight dish and the only food product that has its own designation of origin in France. 

5. Wine – As a primary producing region, no visit would be complete without enjoying some of the well-known wines produced from the local Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes of the Côte-d’Or. Small in production as compared to the other French appellations, the top wines  here can be some of the most expensive in France. From Beaune, the capital of the Bourgogne wine region, through the Côte Chalonnaise and Mâcon, you will want to visit the vineyards and sample tastings of the best locally grown dry red and white wines.

Visiting Burgundy will provide you the opportunity to witness the historic sites, and view the delightful scenery all while indulging in the regional food and wines of central France.

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