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Food and Wine Experiences by River Cruise

food and wine journeys on european rivers for the best gastronomy in europe

Explore local vineyards and embark on exclusive private cellar tours that allow guests to participate in tastings and conversations with winery owners.

Immerse in local traditions and savor palate-pleasing flavors in some of the top foodie cities of Europe as you cruise thorough world renowned regions along the inland waterways.

River cruising offers new opportunities to explore the regions’ sights, cultures, and customs with exclusive excursions through impressive cities, quaint towns and historic villages.

For a deeper experience, a wine cruise itinerary includes  a local host onboard to enjoy unique wine tastings, cuisine pairings and special excursions to further expand your experience.

Discover more about river cruising. If you would like more information on planning a River Cruise, BucketList Travel Advisors can assist you with planning the perfect river cruise experience.