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How to Easter in Central Europe

For 2 -3 weeks preceding and after Easter week are annual local holiday fairs called the Easter Markets can be enjoyed throughout Central Europe.

Most popular in Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic enjoy some local traditions as you visit cities like Nuremberg, Vienna, Salzburg, and Prague.

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Why Kölsch Beer is the toast of Cologne, Germany!

The fun and cheerful spirit of Cologne can be related to its standing as a large city center, with universities, museums, and nightlife.

But perhaps, the reason for its lighthearted spirit is the large number of pubs that are found here. Cologne has the most brewhouses per capita in Germany at over 3,000.

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How to find Adventure on the Rhine River

The scenery along the Rhine river is blessed with 700 miles of beauty and features thousands of miles of hiking trails that encircle the Rhineland, and the Alps regions, and take you through the many vineyards that are found as you venture up or down the Rhine River.

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What river is a MATCH for your next cruise?

Looking for guidance on your river cruise experience? Are you unsure which river matches your travel interests and lifestyle?

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